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Collins College is in teachout mode at their Tempe, Arizona location scheduled to close in 2016. I was a student there from Aug 2010-April 2012 working for my BA in Fine Arts of Graphic Design. I LOVED THE MATERIAL, THE STYLE...ETC. in fact I have a wall vinyl that covers the wall at the entrance of the school...Unfortunately my parents were divorcing and I was only 20 years old and not financially ready to move out of my parents home so I moved to Flagstaff with my father since that was my only choice at the time. I had to drop out of Collins College which I was planning on eventually returning...Well in Sept 2012 I came back to the Phoenix area and tried to return to Collins College to finish out my education. I was just months away from my associates degree..I went to the administration and financial advisors multiple times in the next few months...They told me that I was unable to return to Collins College until I paid off my student account ($11, 700). It was now January 2013 and they told me they couldn't make me an active student until I paid at least $6,000 to my student account. I worked with the school board even to have my balance deferred and still I was turned away...They told me that my credits were not transferrable, I didn't have my associates, a certificate, certification, license....NOTHING TO SHOW FOR WHAT I EARNED. I had a 3.7 GPA while I was attending. STILL TO THIS DAY MY WORK IS ON THE WALLS OF THE SCHOOL!!! I owe FedLoan $40,000....and on top of that because these are on my credit, I am having an extremely hard time getting an apartment....COLLINS COLLEGE HAS SCREWED ME OVER

The reason I acumulated $12,000 on my student account, was because my FAFSA was not submitted fully and so I was not covered for an entire year I attended...COLLINS COLLEGE HAS IN THEIR SYSTEM THAT THEY NOTIFIED ME BUT THEY NEVER MET WITH ME OR PULLED ME FROM CLASS TO DISCUSS THE MATTER TO MAKE SURE I UNDERSTOOD WHAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN...

I am thinking of disputing all charges, and filing a police report...this is F*****D up to say the least.

Monetary Loss: $50000.

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